New Roles for Teachers and Students: Advice for Educators from Youth Media Makers

Kayf Abdulqadir and Hodan Hujaleh

Kayf Abdualqadir and Hodan Hulajeh are award-winning YouTubers from the Somali-Canadian community in Ottawa. In this video they discuss their perspectives on how teachers on students can engage media production in the digital classroom. It is hoped the perspectives shared here by Kayf and Hodan will engage teachers and other youth in conversations related to the significance of New Literacy practices taking place in and out of school. This video was produced as part of the participatory research project entitled, Muslim Female YouTubers Speak Back. Visit the project website at:


The Making of “Three Things You Should Know About my Hijab”

This short documentary tells the story of the making of a YouTube video that won international awards.


Mitigating Risks Associated with Students Making Videos

YouTuber, Kayf Abdulqadir, discusses some of the risks associated with having students make videos, especially related to privacy issues. She offers some suggestions for teachers.


Video as Multimodal Identity Text

Jamilee Baroud and YouTuber, Fartousa Siyad, discuss the possibilities of video as multimodal identity text.


Editing in iMovie and Uploading Basics

In this tutorial, Kayf Abdulqadir leads us through editing with iMovie and uploading basics.